Height: 129cm
Width: 145.5cm
Depth: 65cm
Finishes: Polished ebony, polished white, polished mahogany with inlay, polished yew

Product Details

Eisenberg is the place where the art of piano making in Germany originated.  WILH.STEINBERG, one of the largest German piano builders established there, insists on assuming the responsibility for maintaining the fine tradition of piano making.  It is their policy to select wood and all other materials of nothing but the finest quality.  All WILH.STEINBERG pianos are of exceptional tonal quality which can be compared with the world-class grand pianos.

WILH.STEINBERG pianos are of different models and heights that can suit any styles of modern interior design. They are the best choices of the accomplished musicians as well as the household piano lovers.

*Expensive wood is used to make the soundboards, ensuring the best resonance and powerful sound

*German Renner action

*Well-balanced and responsive touch

*Grand and powerful sound