Introduction To Jazz Guitar Soloing (with CD)

樂器: Guitar
出版商: Hal Leonard
產品編號: BKHL00695406

對爵士樂無從入手? 此書非常適合爵士結他新手或想轉轉風格的搖滾老手作參考之用。書內包含結他和弦圖,樂句例子和即興演奏爵士的技巧。隨書附送的CD內容包含樂句示範和伴奏音樂。

Perfect for seasoned rockers seeking new challenges and jazz newcomers looking for a good start, this book/CD pack covers scales, chords, licks, techniques and other vital jazz improvisation concepts step by step. The accompanying CD features 65 full-band demo and play-along tracks.