Company Profile

Parsons Music Corporation, founded in 1986, is one of the leading and most prestigious multinational musical companies in both Mainland China and Hong Kong. We have our own production line for musical instruments, strong retail network and well-found music centers for educating music talents. The Group is now one of the world’s top 3 piano manufacturers, World’s top seven and China’s No.1 musical instrument retailer; it also ranks 11th in Global Music Industry Rankings*.
To fully accomplish our mission of “Popularizing music culture and nurturing music talents”, we have been actively holding and sponsoring numerous musical functions. The Corporation sets to vigorously develop the industry of music and arts!


“World-class and China’s best” Piano Production Base for Instrumental R&D Construction
Parsons believes that high-quality musical instrument is the key to promote music culture. We, therefore, have been devoted to pursue the production of world-class musical instruments and the development of Piano Production Bases. The Corporation started to develop piano manufacturing in 2003, and soon launched the national piano brand “Yangtze River” in 2007. The Corporation achieved a significant reputation among the well-respected musical instrument manufacturers of the world since we have risen to the world’s top 3 piano enterprises in 2012. Today, Parsons has a total of eight production bases which include a piano factory in Germany, the major piano production base in Hubei, wood processing base, iron foundry and Qingdao Sejung Guitar Factory.

Strong Wholesale and Retail Business
To present our state-of-the-art products, Parsons Music Corporation creates a strong retail network by setting up 30 branches in Hong Kong and over 60 branches in 20 different cities of Mainland China including Beijing and Shanghai. Our retail network has even been named as “World’s top eight and China’s No.1”. Currently, the Corporation not only becomes the sole agent of various best global brands of musical instruments, we have more than 500 dealers spreading across 30 regions of Mainland China. Parsons-made musical instrument has earned popularity throughout China and is now exported to 24 countries and regions.

Music and Art Education
Parsons holds out a mission of “Popularizing music culture and nurturing musical talents ,” established over 80 music centers in both mainland China and Hong Kong and has been serving hundreds of thousands of students . Centers provide diversified arts courses, including western and classical musical instruments, music theory, vocal, dance, language, calligraphy and art. Parsons has been bringing quality programs from all over the world; we have School of Music for Little Mozart from the United states , KAWAI music school from Japan and been creating our unique programs with professionals for Little Haydn Strings Classroom and Little Drummer.
To ensure the quality of our instructors, Parsons invites world-renowned pianist, Professor Li Mingqiang as our music consultant, Mr. Chan Siu Fun as our Chief of Quality Education and Mr. Andrew Ma as our keyboard Advisor. We would have our consultants sit through lessons and hold monthly recital to follow up with students’ progress, guarantee to offer qualified lessons to our students with the most professional instructors.

Every year, Parsons organizes Parsons Music Center Annual Gather, Dance Extravaganza, Art Exhibitions, and Musical Performances so that students would have gained more performing experiences by sharing what they have learnt from the lessons.

Promoting Music and Art culture
Parsons is passionate in promoting music arts culture by holding Asian Youth Music Competition for five years, fourth KAWAI Asia Piano Competition, and 3rd “Yichang China Yangtze River Piano Music Festival” through Parsons Music Foundation.
In 1997, Parsons established the Hong Kong Music Tutors Union. Every year, we would invite international and local well-known musicians such as Angela Hewitt and Colleen Lee for large-scale concerts and master classes.
Parsons also dedicates in sowing the seeds of musical culture into primary and secondary schools by organizing concerts in campus, promoting artistic exchange between Mainland China and Hong Kong, and holding variety of music examinations.

Contributing the Society
The Parsons Music Foundation (PMF), established in 1997, is aiming to further develop local music culture by sponsoring various musical events and recitals incessantly and setting up Music Arts Scholarship for music talents.
In 2003, our volunteer team has been set up to visit charities and to deliver love and joy through music to everyone.

In the future, Parsons Music Corporation will continue to hold out the mission of “Popularizing music culture and nurturing music talents”. In addition to further expand our business, we would provide state-of-the-art musical instruments, educational programs and a full array of reliable services for all music lovers. We are committed to cultivate an interest in playing music for the community and look forward to the upcoming years as a further opportunity to help people of all walks of life experience the joy of music!

*Published by The Music Trades, a leading authority on music industry, in 2013 and 2014.