Parsons Wind Orchestra Introduction

Parsons Wind Orchestra (PWO) was founded by Parsons Music Foundation in 2007. It is under the guidance of the famous musicians Mr. Choy Kwok Tin (Music Director and Conductor), Mr. Cheung Lap (Woodwinds), Mr. Mr. John Campo (Brass) and Chau Chin Tung (Percussion). PWO aims at improving the quality of Wind Orchestra in Hong Kong, and providing first-class training for the talents.


The performance standard of the orchestra is continuously improving under the devoted efforts by the talented and passionate members. Until now, PWO has been participated in and sponsored many public music activities, including the Asia Pacific Band Festival, 7th Kagoshima Asian Youth Arts Festival, Taipei International Wind Band Festival, Hong Kong-Macau Band Fair, Hong Kong International Band Festival, PWO Annual Performance and Parsons Music Centre Performance, which are all highly praised by people from all walks of life.