MISS MAY I China Tour in Shanghai

On 7/3/2013, organized by Rock Asia, Guitar China, Drum China, Parsons Music and Orange Amplifiers, the world renowned heavy metal band MISS MAY I toured in Shanghai MAO LIVE HOUSE!

The atmosphere in the night was amazing, all the fans were very excited that MISS MAY I finally came to Shanghai. At the end of the gig, MISS MAY I played 3 more songs additionally, which brought the crowd to another round of climax!

Also not to forget is that the local supporting band CHAOS MIND did a great job in that night. The lead guitarist in MISS MAY I is a famous Orange Amplifier endorsee. That night Orange and Parsons Music sponsored a set of Orange equipment including Orange Micro Terror, PPC108, 4x Micro Crush and Crush Pix 20.